Set your goals – and GO for IT

Goalsetting are among the most productive things you can do whenever there is something you want to achieve.

Without a goal, you simply don’t know which direction to go in. Have you ever thought about how you get to where you are going while traveling. A goal could of course be traveling to random places, and see new things, but you would still have a goal.

The point is, you have no idea what to do next if you don’t have a goal.

So the question is, how come we have all this things in our lives that we don’t want? Well, it may be that our goals are set unconsciously. But if you are like me, you would rather be conscious about what you want, right?

So, why don’t you start right away. Let’s set some goals.

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Setting your goals

When setting goals, it is highly important that you are specific.

  • State your goal in positive, specific terms.
    • A negative goal does not take you in the direction you want, so be sure to state your goal in a positive way (don’t use terms like “don’t” and “I will not” and so on)
    • Take your time, and describe exactly what you want.
  • State the goals in terms of what YOU can do.
    • It’s not helping you writing what others should help you with. It must all be within your own ability.
  • Make sure your goals is stated in a way so that you can be absolutely sure about when you have reach them. Here’s more of the specificity.
  • Set a time for the goal to be achieved, and then make secondary goals.
    • Make sure you divide your goal into small enough part goals, so that you have part goals to reach in the next couple of days.
    • Making these part goals, step by step (showing the route to the big goal) will help you see the realism in achieving your big goal.

Now, it’s all up to you.State your goals. What can you do right away to make it happen? What actions do you have to take this week/today/right now?

Good luck