Your choice

In everyday life, we do this and that often without thinking twice about why.

Why is that? Are we driven by a force not known to us, something outside ourselves, which we can’t control?

The answer is very often: We just keep on doing what we always have done, what we think others expect of us, what we think others demands of us. And often, not always, we say that we have no choice, we have to do this or that.

Well, that’s not entirely true, is it? Who is it then, that picks up the hammer and nails that nail? Ooh, is it you? But who decided to do that? Your brother, wife, mother, father, boss…. who was it? Probably is none of them controlling your hand to pick that hammer, probably is your brain telling your hand to do it. Agree?

And then you can say, but if I didn’t do it my boss would have fired me.

No we’re talking. Because your boss told you to do that, you got to choices: You could either pick up the hammer, nail the nail, get your payment and keep your job. Or: You could refuse, get fired, have no more money coming in. So, you choose the second option, despite the fact that you said you rather be sitting with your other colleagues and chat. Well, given the possible outcomes, you made your choice, based on which outcome you wanted.

You see my point of view?

The choice is always yours, you don’t always get to pick the best possible solution, but you get to pick the best outcome given the situation, and that’s what I’m talking about. It’s always a choice, and it’s always yours to make.

Think about that the next time you think you have to do something. No, you don’t, it’s your choice, but you might do it anyway, because it results in your best outcome.

Enjoy the moment, that’s all there is

Somebody seems to think that life is a race. Well, I have to tell you: It’s not, it’s a journey. And if you miss out all moments and stops on your journey, you mights as well skip the hole journey and do something else, so:

Enjoy every single moment, that’s all there is

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Not all moments in life is like this one, but there’s always something to enjoy



So what can you do to enjoy the moment more?

  • Be present with your loved ones and your friends
    • There’s a lot of distractions in our life today. Do your best to be there, and be present when your in company with your loved ones and with your friends.
  • Be yourself, don’t try to be someone you’re not, don’t try to impress
    • It takes away your worrying of how you are going to act, how you are going to dress, what you are going to say etc. If people don’t like the real you, it’s not your kind of people, find somebody who is.
  • Let go of the bad things in life
    • There will always be bad things happening in your life. What you can do about them is let go, forgive, move on. Whenever you choose to hold on to the bad things, you punish yourself. What’s done is done, it can’t be undone, move on to the next. Make a new moment, and enjoy it.

Think! What is good about this moment?

Fell it!

Enjoy it!

Express gratitude and improve your life

When you choose to see the good in others…

When you choose to see the good in others, you end up finding the good in yourself

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The best way for you to learn to always see the best in others, is to simply practice it.

Every day, start of by picking a person and write down all the good things about them. You can start of easy, by picking somebody you love. For each day that passes, make it more difficult by picking people you are less fond of. When you have been doing it for a while, pick people you really don’t like.

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During each day, whenever you interact with people, think about their good sides, and about the good in their interactions with you. If it’s hard, think about what good intentions they might have. Believe it or not, but all people have good intentions, regardless of how difficult it is to see.

Continue practicing these to habits, and you will eventually see the good in everybody. And you will be a better person.

Practice positive thinking

Why should you practice positive thinking?

Well, there’s a number of reasons.

First of all, it will reduce your level of stress, which makes you more at ease and relaxed, which again gives you better sleep at nights, which again gives you a lot of benefits (here we could go on and on).

Second it starts you seeing opportunities in stead of problems, which will lead you to other results. Third ……. (here we could also go on and on)

How should you practice positive thinking?


There are some easy ways to practice positive thinking:

  • Every time you have some challenging thoughts, find something positive to think of instead. Do not ever try to get rid of the challenging thoughts, just start focusing on the positive one instead. It’s where your focus goes that matters.

When you practice gratitude for a few days, you will soon see the effect. Things will start to change for you, even though the only thing you have changed is the practice of gratitude.

Smiling is one of the simplest things you can do, even when you don’t feel like it. If you just do it, it will better your mood. It may be one of the easiest places where the phrase “fake it until you make it” will show results quickly.

Whether you believe it or not, positive thinking will improve your life. If you don’t think it will, try for 2-3 weeks.

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A challenge for you

This is my challenge for you

Use today and the coming days to do this:

  • Show gratitude for all things that gives you pleasure (both small and big things)
  • Find something to be grateful for in all the challenging and difficult situations you experience

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The first part here, is probably easy to do, it’s something you can accomplish without too much difficulties. The second one will take a little more of your effort to do, but if you do it it will improve your mood a great deal, and you will see every day a little lighter.

This is my challenge for you. It you take it your days will improve, and if you share it with your friends, you will help them improve too, something that will improve your days even more.

Good luck


Set your goals – and GO for IT

Goalsetting are among the most productive things you can do whenever there is something you want to achieve.

Without a goal, you simply don’t know which direction to go in. Have you ever thought about how you get to where you are going while traveling. A goal could of course be traveling to random places, and see new things, but you would still have a goal.

The point is, you have no idea what to do next if you don’t have a goal.

So the question is, how come we have all this things in our lives that we don’t want? Well, it may be that our goals are set unconsciously. But if you are like me, you would rather be conscious about what you want, right?

So, why don’t you start right away. Let’s set some goals.

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Setting your goals

When setting goals, it is highly important that you are specific.

  • State your goal in positive, specific terms.
    • A negative goal does not take you in the direction you want, so be sure to state your goal in a positive way (don’t use terms like “don’t” and “I will not” and so on)
    • Take your time, and describe exactly what you want.
  • State the goals in terms of what YOU can do.
    • It’s not helping you writing what others should help you with. It must all be within your own ability.
  • Make sure your goals is stated in a way so that you can be absolutely sure about when you have reach them. Here’s more of the specificity.
  • Set a time for the goal to be achieved, and then make secondary goals.
    • Make sure you divide your goal into small enough part goals, so that you have part goals to reach in the next couple of days.
    • Making these part goals, step by step (showing the route to the big goal) will help you see the realism in achieving your big goal.

Now, it’s all up to you.State your goals. What can you do right away to make it happen? What actions do you have to take this week/today/right now?

Good luck

Express gratitude and improve your life

No matter where you are in life, what’s your current situation or what’s happening, there’s ONE thing above all that will help you get a better view of your life:


Express gratitude

Use a few minutes every day and think through the things you are thankful for. What do you have to be thankful for today, and what do you have in the bigger picture to be thankful for.

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When you struggle with life, it might be difficult to think about the things you are thankful for. That’s why it will help you to use a few minutes every day to think through, and write down theese. When you make a list, and habitually goes through this list every day, you will always take yourself back to a “place of gratitude”.

When you make this list, and add new things constantly, you will over time realize how good life has been on you, and more good things will come to you.

This is probably one of the easiest things you can do to improve your life.

Good luck

This is how you establish a new habit

You may think that establishing a new habit is about willpower, but that’s only a small part of the truth.

A new habit is established through exercising, and what do you know about exercising?

I don’t know what you know about exercising, but I know that a person who has never ran before and decides he/she wants to run a Marathon, has to start with light running and increase carefully over time to reach the goal.


It may not be a running habit you want to establish, but the way to establish the habit is very similar.

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Regardless of what kind of habit you want to establsih, you can follow this simple model:

  • Start with a small/easy habit, something you regard as easy and which takes little time, effort or planning (perhaps reading a newspaper)
    • Decide the trigger, it can be you have got up in the morning
    • Do the habit, sit down (with a cup of coffee maybe) and read the newspaper for 15 minutes.
    • Receive the reward (you being updated on the local news…..)

You get the picture. Decide trigger, do the habit, receive the reward. 3 simple steps.

Once you have done this with a small habit, and repeated it a few times with different habits, you’re ready to go for the larger ones.

It does not matter what kind of habit you want to create, the only thing that can be smart to do different, is to divide big habits into several smal habits.

Good luck

Once you control your mind – YOU can accomplish anything

When you correct your mind the rest of your life will fall into place

It is amazing how much your mindset effects the results of your life. If your mindset is fixed on the wrong things, your life results will get all wrong. But if your mindset is fixed on the right things, your life results will be amazing.

When that’s said you can argue that a mindset is hard to change, and yes sometimes it is, but only if you say or think it is.

If you know how to go about to change it, you can start right away, if not, there’s hope for you. Following the simple steps below, will help you on the way.

Change your life in 24 hours

So, how can you correct your mind?


  1. Do affirmations
    1. Make yourself a set of positive affirmations
    2. These affirmations will help you belive in:
      • who you are
      • what you can do
  2. Meditation
    • Meditate for 30 minutes every day.
  3. Decide
    • Decision is a commitment for yourself. As soon as you decide what you want, and focus on achieving it, anything will be possible for you.
  4. Do
    • Start taking action on these moments.

8 ways to make someone smile

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8 ways to make someone smile

Making somone smile might be the easiest thing in the world. Here are 8 ways to do it, you can probably think of more ways yourself.

  • Say hello to a stranger you pass on the street, and smile while passing

When someone you dont know smiles at you, you probably smile back, or at least after passing them. So it probably work the other way around too.

  • Hold the door for someone

When I hold the door for someone, they always smile, dont you?

  • Hold the elevator for someone

People tend to be happy when they doesnt have to wait for the next elevator.

  • Offer your seat on the bus or subway to someone who needs it

Although people don’t like that they look in need of a seat, it always make them smile when someone offers it to them.

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  • Call an old friend, for no particular reason

No matter how long itˋs been, old friends always get happy when you call. You might not see their smile, but you can feel it in their voice

  • Give compliments, to friends and colleagues

Compliments are a sure winner, everybody likes being complimented. Just make sure itˋs for a reason.

  • Smile to everyone you meet

All people tends to return a smile, as long as it seems genuine.

  • Send a weird text msg to someone you love

Depending on how weird your message is, they might even laugh.


I donˋt know about you, but all these ways to make people smile, works for me. What are you waiting for?