Practice positive thinking

Why should you practice positive thinking?

Well, there’s a number of reasons.

First of all, it will reduce your level of stress, which makes you more at ease and relaxed, which again gives you better sleep at nights, which again gives you a lot of benefits (here we could go on and on).

Second it starts you seeing opportunities in stead of problems, which will lead you to other results. Third ……. (here we could also go on and on)

How should you practice positive thinking?


There are some easy ways to practice positive thinking:

  • Every time you have some challenging thoughts, find something positive to think of instead. Do not ever try to get rid of the challenging thoughts, just start focusing on the positive one instead. It’s where your focus goes that matters.

When you practice gratitude for a few days, you will soon see the effect. Things will start to change for you, even though the only thing you have changed is the practice of gratitude.

Smiling is one of the simplest things you can do, even when you don’t feel like it. If you just do it, it will better your mood. It may be one of the easiest places where the phrase “fake it until you make it” will show results quickly.

Whether you believe it or not, positive thinking will improve your life. If you don’t think it will, try for 2-3 weeks.

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A challenge for you

This is my challenge for you

Use today and the coming days to do this:

  • Show gratitude for all things that gives you pleasure (both small and big things)
  • Find something to be grateful for in all the challenging and difficult situations you experience

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The first part here, is probably easy to do, it’s something you can accomplish without too much difficulties. The second one will take a little more of your effort to do, but if you do it it will improve your mood a great deal, and you will see every day a little lighter.

This is my challenge for you. It you take it your days will improve, and if you share it with your friends, you will help them improve too, something that will improve your days even more.

Good luck


Christmas is a feeling

Whatever you believe or wherever you are, Christmas can be special.


Here are some tips for making the Christmas feeling the most important:

  • Make yourself a list of what Christmas really means to you
    • Include the memories, feelings, smells, sounds(music) and people
    • Remember all the little things you like to do, making decorations, writing Christmas cards, visiting an old aunt…….
  • Visualize every element on your list, as if it’s here right now, and find out what small things you can do every day until Christmas to get back the good feeling.

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Remember, Christmas is all about feeling and memories, and nothing about big presents and stress. It’s your time to relax and be in the feeling.

Set your goals – and GO for IT

Goalsetting are among the most productive things you can do whenever there is something you want to achieve.

Without a goal, you simply don’t know which direction to go in. Have you ever thought about how you get to where you are going while traveling. A goal could of course be traveling to random places, and see new things, but you would still have a goal.

The point is, you have no idea what to do next if you don’t have a goal.

So the question is, how come we have all this things in our lives that we don’t want? Well, it may be that our goals are set unconsciously. But if you are like me, you would rather be conscious about what you want, right?

So, why don’t you start right away. Let’s set some goals.

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Setting your goals

When setting goals, it is highly important that you are specific.

  • State your goal in positive, specific terms.
    • A negative goal does not take you in the direction you want, so be sure to state your goal in a positive way (don’t use terms like “don’t” and “I will not” and so on)
    • Take your time, and describe exactly what you want.
  • State the goals in terms of what YOU can do.
    • It’s not helping you writing what others should help you with. It must all be within your own ability.
  • Make sure your goals is stated in a way so that you can be absolutely sure about when you have reach them. Here’s more of the specificity.
  • Set a time for the goal to be achieved, and then make secondary goals.
    • Make sure you divide your goal into small enough part goals, so that you have part goals to reach in the next couple of days.
    • Making these part goals, step by step (showing the route to the big goal) will help you see the realism in achieving your big goal.

Now, it’s all up to you.State your goals. What can you do right away to make it happen? What actions do you have to take this week/today/right now?

Good luck

Express gratitude and improve your life

No matter where you are in life, what’s your current situation or what’s happening, there’s ONE thing above all that will help you get a better view of your life:


Express gratitude

Use a few minutes every day and think through the things you are thankful for. What do you have to be thankful for today, and what do you have in the bigger picture to be thankful for.

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When you struggle with life, it might be difficult to think about the things you are thankful for. That’s why it will help you to use a few minutes every day to think through, and write down theese. When you make a list, and habitually goes through this list every day, you will always take yourself back to a “place of gratitude”.

When you make this list, and add new things constantly, you will over time realize how good life has been on you, and more good things will come to you.

This is probably one of the easiest things you can do to improve your life.

Good luck

This is how you establish a new habit

You may think that establishing a new habit is about willpower, but that’s only a small part of the truth.

A new habit is established through exercising, and what do you know about exercising?

I don’t know what you know about exercising, but I know that a person who has never ran before and decides he/she wants to run a Marathon, has to start with light running and increase carefully over time to reach the goal.


It may not be a running habit you want to establish, but the way to establish the habit is very similar.

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Regardless of what kind of habit you want to establsih, you can follow this simple model:

  • Start with a small/easy habit, something you regard as easy and which takes little time, effort or planning (perhaps reading a newspaper)
    • Decide the trigger, it can be you have got up in the morning
    • Do the habit, sit down (with a cup of coffee maybe) and read the newspaper for 15 minutes.
    • Receive the reward (you being updated on the local news…..)

You get the picture. Decide trigger, do the habit, receive the reward. 3 simple steps.

Once you have done this with a small habit, and repeated it a few times with different habits, you’re ready to go for the larger ones.

It does not matter what kind of habit you want to create, the only thing that can be smart to do different, is to divide big habits into several smal habits.

Good luck

The KEY to achieve whatever you desire

The KEY to achieve whatever you desire, is to do more than just wishing it.

A wish is merely a hope for something to happen, magically falling down from the stars to fiks your life. And to be honest, thatˋs not going to happen. YOU have to DO something.

If you really want to achieve something you have to make a deep commitment to yourself.

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YOU have to make a decision, right here right now, that this (Your Goal) is something you will achieve, and that you will do anything to make it happen.


Donˋt give a damn about what other people say, you are the one to decide what to achieve in your life. Go for it.

The decision is of absolute importance. The moment you have decided, you will fell you are on the right track. Your body will suddenly be ready to do the things you have commited yourself to do to achieve your goal.

Did you know that the most important attribute Napoleon Hill discovered, when he intervjued the richest and most powerfull people of his time, was their ability to take quick decisions?

Did you know that a recent study, of todays powerfull people, found exactly the same attribute to explain how they have reached their power.

Itˋs no coincidence, weˋre designed that way. When we have decided for something, and we comitt ourselves to do whatever it takes to achieve it, then it all happens for us, everything falls into place.

Whethere your goal is to make a lot of money and become rich (as in the background for Napoleon Hills book), or your goal is to reduce your weight, find yourself a partner, find the dreamjob, become world  champion in Golf or Chess, the way to achieve it is the same:

  • Know your Goal
  • Make the decision to reach your goal
  • Comitt to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal
  • Get moving


Change your life in 24 hours

Go 24 hours without complaining.

Repeat after 24 hours.


  • Have you ever thought about how often you are complaining about something?


Most of us complain about what people around us do, what politicians are doing and not doing….. about what is not perfect in our lives, and saying that

“If only this or that happend, everything would be perfect”


  • Everybody complains about something, at least once in awhile

I do too, and then I catch myself doing so, which somtimes make me a bit embarassed.

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You can become more conscious about your complaints and what to do instead. You will see that this exercise is effective, and will lead to a great change in your life. AND it will be FUN.

  • This i what to do
    • Start the day deciding that you will complete the day without complaining (not even once)
    • If  you notice you are about to complain, reset your mind and reframe (what can you say/think instead)
    • When the evening comes, summarize to yourself how your day  has been different, you will be astonished
    • If you didnˋt make it, do it again the next day until you make it
    • Repeat as often as possible or needed. Itˋs fantastic.

Pull yourself togehter – 5 good reasons to start running

Whatever reason you have not to run, here are 5 reasons you should run:


  • It increases your metabolism

And you can enall types of food and not even think about having a bad conscience for it.

Does it ever happen that you fell bad about eating and drinking well? That bad felling is easy to leave behind if you run several times a week. Running burns more than most other activities, no only whe you run, but it also increases your rest combustion.

  • You get new friends, or more time with your existing friends

If you donˋt run alone, but always with someone, a friend or a running group. You get new friends or you get to exercise and hang out with your friends at the same time. Itˋs a win win.

  • You get in a better mood

Itˋs scientifically proven that your mood gets better from exercising. What happens is that your levels of stresshormones decreases, which makes you less stressed and in a better mood. At the same time your levels of endorfines increases while your running, which gives you a boost of happieness. Both will help you continue running, cause you want more of that good feeling.

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  • You get more fresh air

Unless, of course, you run inside on a threadmill or outside in traffic.

  • You prolong your life

Only a few hours of training evry week prolongs your life with several years. The time you spend on running you will get back with interest, as long as you are a moderate trainer. If you very much time on running you better love it, cause then you spend all your extra time on running.

Once you control your mind – YOU can accomplish anything

When you correct your mind the rest of your life will fall into place

It is amazing how much your mindset effects the results of your life. If your mindset is fixed on the wrong things, your life results will get all wrong. But if your mindset is fixed on the right things, your life results will be amazing.

When that’s said you can argue that a mindset is hard to change, and yes sometimes it is, but only if you say or think it is.

If you know how to go about to change it, you can start right away, if not, there’s hope for you. Following the simple steps below, will help you on the way.

Change your life in 24 hours

So, how can you correct your mind?


  1. Do affirmations
    1. Make yourself a set of positive affirmations
    2. These affirmations will help you belive in:
      • who you are
      • what you can do
  2. Meditation
    • Meditate for 30 minutes every day.
  3. Decide
    • Decision is a commitment for yourself. As soon as you decide what you want, and focus on achieving it, anything will be possible for you.
  4. Do
    • Start taking action on these moments.

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