7 important lessons I have learned in life

Not a day goes by, without me experiencing something that gives me a new understanding of life, and that can come to use later on i life. But when I sit down and think about it there are some experiences that’s been more important to my life than other

Here are some of the experiences I have made, and which I think have made the biggest impact in my way of seeing and understanding the world.

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  • People all over the world are, in the large part, very much alike

When you travel the world, observe and talk to people, there are som fundamentals that you will see all over the world.

Most people, rich and poor, communists and kapitalists, chinieese and european all wish for themselves:

  • Love, someone to love and who loves you back
  • Worth, experiencing that their lives means somthing and have value
  • Safety, for now and for the future
  • Joy and happiness, something to do or experience that gives joy

Although groups in society, statesleaders, politicians and others use a lot of time and effort trying to create a picture of “us and them”, about opposites and more, itˋs the similarities among people that I see as striking when I meet people around the world. Everybody wishes basicly for the same, a happy life.

  • We create our own destiny

A common excuse for a lot of people is that destiny is to blame. “Iˋm just born unfortunate, thatˋs my life, my destiny”

To be honest, thats CRAP and BULLSHIT. Your destiny is created by your own thougths. Obviously there are some people who experience more sad and horrible things in life, but………., how you choose to think about the future is something thatˋs created inside your mind. You can change it right here, right now, if you choose to.

You can not control coincidences, but how you choose to think about them, and how you choose to let them affect you, that you can control with your own mind.

  • No matter how much or little money you have, you can live a fantastic life

I have met a lot of different people, both here at home, and when travelling. I have met billionaires, and I have met people with practically no money at all on the contryside in eastern Europe. One thing that strikes me when I think about theese people, is that the lifes they are living dosent seem to be determined by how much money they have.

In truth, I see that the happiest people I have met are the poorest. You dont necessarily have to be rich to be happy.

  • What we have, we become accustomed to so quickly that we forget to apreciate it

In parts of the world a lot of people go shopping just for the feeling it gives in the moment to by something new. Some new clothes, shoes, a phone……. All theese are things that might give a shortlived happiness when we by it, and then itˋs over.

Some things gives us a happy felling for a few hours, othher things for a few days. What all theese have in common is that they only create a shorttime happinessfeeling, which can be repeated only by continuing to by new stuff. This is because we get accustomed to our new things very fast.


New people in our lives, girlfriends\boyfriends, children, friends….. we apreciate for much longer. Unfortunatley we become accustomed to them as well, something that makes it easy for us to forget their good qualities, the qualities that made us joyfull and happy in the beginning. At this moment we tend to see more of the qualities which annoys us.

This is where itˋs imporent for us to be very conscious of what we are doing. If we donˋt, we can easily loose all the good qualities along with loosing the person. And thatˋs just because we are accustomed to thoose qualities and are taking them for granted.

Itˋs importent to sit down and think over all the good things in life, end become more concious about what we really want to keep in our lives. This is the way we can continue to apreciate all the things we have become accustomed to.

  • Your possesions possesses you

During my life I have noticed that the more possesions I have (car, house, caravan, money and so on), the more I let my self worry about loosing  them.

Everywhere people are like this, and the richest people are usually the worst ones. You have probably noticed how importent it is to rich people to move money to low-tax countries, or that they choose to move t thoose countries to pay less tax. Can you imagine, having your money decide where you will live? I will rather let the joy and happiness decide where I will live.

Have you ever thought about the fact that when you borrow US 300-400K to by a house, you get tied up to tha job, a job you not necessarily even like?

Have you noticed how some people, who own nothing, live a happy and joyfull life, and are travelling the world and enjoying themselfes?

Have you noticed that people owning a house, a cabin, a boat and maybe one more cabin, always has to spend all weekends, all hollidays to maintain their possesions?

Our possesions take away our freedom and possesses us insted.

  • We talk to much, and do to little.

Most people, including me, is very good at talking about thing we want to do. Things we want, if only we had a little extra time, a little extra money, a little more of…………..

I was like that, I let the smallest things stop me. I had a dream about writing, beeing a Coach and speaker, about travelling more.

Then, finally I started doing it instead. I just decided to do it. I decided to become a Coach, I took som e extra education, read a lot and started. Me and my wife decided to go to China, something we had talked about for years, then I just bought plane tickets, and we went, the hole family. I decided to become a speaker, and did my first speaking, very exciting. I decided to create a course and went on with it. I decided to write, and I started.

Itˋs all about decision.

Now, we travel more and Iˋm doing the job of my dreams. It is a dream and Iˋm living it.

Stop talking, start doing. You will never regret.

  • The things in life with the highest value, canˋt be bought for money

Iˋm not sure what the value of our house is, but approximately US 450K. A very ordinary value for a small norwegian house.

But…… Itˋs not the house that has the highest value in my life. My wife and my two girls can not be measured in money, without them my life wouldnt have a very big value. And when we start talking about all the memories we have together, the value of thoose are priceless.

Then theres the rest of the family, all friends and the people we know. None of them can be measured in money or be bought for money.

If all the things, possesions and money gets lost, I still have my family, friends and the memories. The greatest values lies there, and thoose no one can take away from me.  If I loose them, I have myself to blame for not taking good care of them. I choose to take good care of them.

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