8 ways to make someone smile

8 ways to make someone smile

Making somone smile might be the easiest thing in the world. Here are 8 ways to do it, you can probably think of more ways yourself.

  • Say hello to a stranger you pass on the street, and smile while passing

When someone you dont know smiles at you, you probably smile back, or at least after passing them. So it probably work the other way around too.

  • Hold the door for someone

When I hold the door for someone, they always smile, dont you?

  • Hold the elevator for someone

People tend to be happy when they doesnt have to wait for the next elevator.

  • Offer your seat on the bus or subway to someone who needs it

Although people don’t like that they look in need of a seat, it always make them smile when someone offers it to them.

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  • Call an old friend, for no particular reason

No matter how long itˋs been, old friends always get happy when you call. You might not see their smile, but you can feel it in their voice

  • Give compliments, to friends and colleagues

Compliments are a sure winner, everybody likes being complimented. Just make sure itˋs for a reason.

  • Smile to everyone you meet

All people tends to return a smile, as long as it seems genuine.

  • Send a weird text msg to someone you love

Depending on how weird your message is, they might even laugh.


I donˋt know about you, but all these ways to make people smile, works for me. What are you waiting for?


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