Pull yourself togehter – 5 good reasons to start running

Whatever reason you have not to run, here are 5 reasons you should run:


  • It increases your metabolism

And you can enall types of food and not even think about having a bad conscience for it.

Does it ever happen that you fell bad about eating and drinking well? That bad felling is easy to leave behind if you run several times a week. Running burns more than most other activities, no only whe you run, but it also increases your rest combustion.

  • You get new friends, or more time with your existing friends

If you donˋt run alone, but always with someone, a friend or a running group. You get new friends or you get to exercise and hang out with your friends at the same time. Itˋs a win win.

  • You get in a better mood

Itˋs scientifically proven that your mood gets better from exercising. What happens is that your levels of stresshormones decreases, which makes you less stressed and in a better mood. At the same time your levels of endorfines increases while your running, which gives you a boost of happieness. Both will help you continue running, cause you want more of that good feeling.

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  • You get more fresh air

Unless, of course, you run inside on a threadmill or outside in traffic.

  • You prolong your life

Only a few hours of training evry week prolongs your life with several years. The time you spend on running you will get back with interest, as long as you are a moderate trainer. If you very much time on running you better love it, cause then you spend all your extra time on running.

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