Change your life in 24 hours

Go 24 hours without complaining.

Repeat after 24 hours.


  • Have you ever thought about how often you are complaining about something?


Most of us complain about what people around us do, what politicians are doing and not doing….. about what is not perfect in our lives, and saying that

“If only this or that happend, everything would be perfect”


  • Everybody complains about something, at least once in awhile

I do too, and then I catch myself doing so, which somtimes make me a bit embarassed.

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You can become more conscious about your complaints and what to do instead. You will see that this exercise is effective, and will lead to a great change in your life. AND it will be FUN.

  • This i what to do
    • Start the day deciding that you will complete the day without complaining (not even once)
    • If  you notice you are about to complain, reset your mind and reframe (what can you say/think instead)
    • When the evening comes, summarize to yourself how your day  has been different, you will be astonished
    • If you didnˋt make it, do it again the next day until you make it
    • Repeat as often as possible or needed. Itˋs fantastic.

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