The KEY to achieve whatever you desire

The KEY to achieve whatever you desire, is to do more than just wishing it.

A wish is merely a hope for something to happen, magically falling down from the stars to fiks your life. And to be honest, thatˋs not going to happen. YOU have to DO something.

If you really want to achieve something you have to make a deep commitment to yourself.

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YOU have to make a decision, right here right now, that this (Your Goal) is something you will achieve, and that you will do anything to make it happen.


Donˋt give a damn about what other people say, you are the one to decide what to achieve in your life. Go for it.

The decision is of absolute importance. The moment you have decided, you will fell you are on the right track. Your body will suddenly be ready to do the things you have commited yourself to do to achieve your goal.

Did you know that the most important attribute Napoleon Hill discovered, when he intervjued the richest and most powerfull people of his time, was their ability to take quick decisions?

Did you know that a recent study, of todays powerfull people, found exactly the same attribute to explain how they have reached their power.

Itˋs no coincidence, weˋre designed that way. When we have decided for something, and we comitt ourselves to do whatever it takes to achieve it, then it all happens for us, everything falls into place.

Whethere your goal is to make a lot of money and become rich (as in the background for Napoleon Hills book), or your goal is to reduce your weight, find yourself a partner, find the dreamjob, become world  champion in Golf or Chess, the way to achieve it is the same:

  • Know your Goal
  • Make the decision to reach your goal
  • Comitt to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal
  • Get moving


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