Enjoy the moment, that’s all there is

Somebody seems to think that life is a race. Well, I have to tell you: It’s not, it’s a journey. And if you miss out all moments and stops on your journey, you mights as well skip the hole journey and do something else, so:

Enjoy every single moment, that’s all there is

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Not all moments in life is like this one, but there’s always something to enjoy



So what can you do to enjoy the moment more?

  • Be present with your loved ones and your friends
    • There’s a lot of distractions in our life today. Do your best to be there, and be present when your in company with your loved ones and with your friends.
  • Be yourself, don’t try to be someone you’re not, don’t try to impress
    • It takes away your worrying of how you are going to act, how you are going to dress, what you are going to say etc. If people don’t like the real you, it’s not your kind of people, find somebody who is.
  • Let go of the bad things in life
    • There will always be bad things happening in your life. What you can do about them is let go, forgive, move on. Whenever you choose to hold on to the bad things, you punish yourself. What’s done is done, it can’t be undone, move on to the next. Make a new moment, and enjoy it.

Think! What is good about this moment?

Fell it!

Enjoy it!

Express gratitude and improve your life